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by Tania Arabian

A San Antonio based Wedding Planner & Event Planner

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I have loved weddings as long as I can remember. I started as a corporate event planner 15 years ago and when friends and friends of friends were aware I was an event planner they started asking me to do their weddings.  In 2005, Unbelievable Events was born. In 2014, we began wedding planning and event planning in San Antonio. I have had the opportunity to plan a great variety of events. My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the groom’s face that instant he sees his bride.  Most couples who decide to plan their own wedding feel like the process goes so quickly and they are so rushed they don’t have an opportunity to enjoy being engaged. I love being able to take away a couple’s stress and allowing them to really enjoy the process of the planning and relish their engagement.  

God and my family. I adore my rescue dog, Ollie. I love to entertain guests. I am a nature lover who can breathe better the further I get from civilization and just staring at the stars makes me smile, so I hike and camp every chance I get. Music for me, brings back memories like a photo album. I love Texas and I am in love with love.

Don’t be fooled I am the most organized dreamer there is. I was born an organizer and planner with creativity. When I was kid, I would play pretend library complete with check out cards in the back of my books…my brother still owes me 30 cents in late fees.

We are blessed to bring joy to people's lives by sharing in their most special moments, but we also believe wholeheartedly in giving back. Every year we donate 5% of our profits to a charitable organization to which we are passionate.

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