Unbelievable Events

by Tania Arabian

A San Antonio based Wedding Planner & Event Planner

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Who are our clients?
Our clients know you get what you pay for. They know value and understand how important it is to have a professional handle their wedding to ensure a flawless day and enhance the guest experience.

Why don’t you have pricing on your website?
Asking what we charge without some pertinent details of your wedding is similar to asking what a truck costs in Texas. There are many factors that determine the investment cost of a wedding planner. Factors like number of guests and ceremony/reception location will determine event staff requirements which impact cost. As well as other variables. Wedding planning is a service and relationship business. The average wedding takes 12-18 months to plan and that means you are going to spend a year with me so it is important you really feel comfortable and trust your wedding planner. We typically will provide a proposal with cost after an in person or phone/skype consultation. Consultations are always free of charge.

How do you work with a wedding planner?
For most couples, this is the first time they have hired a wedding planner. We are here to bring your vision to reality and sometimes bring your ideas into focus. There will still be tasks that you will need to do. Sorry we can't replace you at your dress fitting or obtain your marriage license, but we will provide you with task lists and timelines and details to make those items as simple as possible. We will communicate frequently by your preferred method (email, phone/skype). We are here to narrow down the infinite options to a manageable 2 or three options so you are not overwhelmed.